Education & Cultural Support Organization

Education & Cultural Support Organization (ECSO) is a national, independent, non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit & youth-run organization established in 2016 with registration in the Ministry of Economic of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to respond to the current need of Afghan people by working for education and supporting the culture through different services in all over of Afghanistan. ECSO is led by independent young energetic professionals who have been engaged practically & technically in various fields of capacity buildings in environmental, socio-economic and community development projects such as social interventions, public awareness, capacity building, evaluation, and volunteering programs.

Our Vision

To be the most supportive hand for Afghans.

Our Goal

To support the education & culture.

Our Mission

To empower and help the young generations.

Our Values

Commitment, Respect, Impact, Caring for People, Collaboration, Empowerment.

Main Objectives:

The goals and objectives of the organization are as follows;

  1. Support for the protection of cultural and natural heritages.
  2. Implementation of cultural and natural heritage projects along government-related organizations and collaboration with donors, contractors, museums, and related organizations.
  3. Collaboration with local experts by raising awareness of heritages and educational programs to create a convenient environment through development projects.
  4. Awareness of culture and cultural heritages and training of students with the aim of raising public awareness of cultural and natural heritages in the country.
  5. Ensuring the relationship between professionals and non-professionals to create relevant cultural programs across the country that are relevant to local communities.
  6. Supporting safe tourism which will further enhance the socio-economic development and benefit the heritage sector.